I am a 3D game artist currently working at Oculus VR. I have previously worked at Valve, 343 Industries, id Software, TimeGate Studios and did freelance contract work for a while. In my spare time I like to practice the traditional arts such as drawing and painting, as well as photography; please check out my photography portfolio at paul pepera : photography. I currently do not provide work for mods. If you wish to contact me, feel free to send me an E-mail or hit me up on Windows/MSN messenger (tsar1961@gmail.com). Thanks for visiting my site!

.: Contact Info :.

E-mail: tsar1961@gmail.com

The following are shipped title(s) I have contribued art to, either in a fulltime on-site capacity or freelance contract capacity.


343 Industries
Microsoft Studios
(Xbox 360)

Tripwire Interactive
1C Company

TimeGate Studios
SouthPeak Games
(XBox 360, PC)

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The following images are the oldest work in my portfolio; I decided to keep them on here mostly for sentimental reasons.

More stuff that is old